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Dr. Daphine Kaniaru, MD health and wellness coaching is dedicated to helping, healing, and guiding people in need of prevention and reversal of lifestyle/chronic diseases. Our commitment is to provide quality services, exceptional resources, and effective programs with evidence-based practices for bettering the lives we serve.Β 

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– Dr. Daphine Kaniaru, MD is driven by a deep passion for helping people with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure among others reverse their diseases. Dr. Kaniaru has a relentless passion for the prevention and reversal of diseases that are ravaging the world in vast numbers. She is a Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician, who uses plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse chronic diseases with tremendous results!

"Dr. Kaniaru wants to reach out to people across the world that are suffering from chronic diseases, to bring change and improve the health of individuals and families through emphasis on plant-based nutrition. ."

Dr. Daphine Kaniaru
Dr. Daphine Kaniaru

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